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You Can Trust The Esterson MHC Team of Marcus and Millichap to Sell Your Mobile Home Community

There are many reasons MHC/RV Parks are an attractive investment. For starters, they tend to have a much higher ROI than other real estate investments. Plus, their lower rental rates mean MHC/RV parks are practically immune to recessions.

Every day MHC/RV park owners receive offers to purchase their parks. Yet many owners feel underwhelmed by the offers they are receiving. And park owners are overwhelmed by the amount of due diligence that buyers are now requiring. The Esterson MHC Team of Marcus & Millichap can help smooth out this process and cut down on mounds of paperwork.

The Esterson MHC Team can help you pump up lackluster offers. Our methods have improved MHC/RV valuation an average of 8-13%. We’ve even helped some people increase their evaluation by more than 20%.

 Since Jan 2020, we’ve sold more than $465,000,000 worth of properties and counting!  There’s no team more qualified to assess and advise you on the value of your MHC/RV park.

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Here’s How We Boost Your Valuation

We Get to Know You

We want to build long relationships with our clients. Every deal and every investor is different and has different reasons for buying or selling. By starting with a friendly chat, we get to know what goals are important to you and what actionable plans make sense for your investing style.

Deliver Clear Numbers

We don’t hide behind hard-to-read math. Instead, we provide straightforward numbers based on evaluating estimates, research, and market value. This three-tiered system helps you get an easy-to-read forecast about your future resale value.

Build a Respectful Relationship

In a typical year, only 17% of our evaluations become sales. In the MHC/RV park business, we’ve earned clients with our reputation for hard work and plainspoken relationships. We don’t pressure people into sales that don’t make sense for them.

We Help You With The Legwork

There’s a lot that goes into selling your MHC/RV Park. We help you get to ball rolling by producing a complete evaluation and marketing plan and providing useful assets like our Must Ask Questions Checklist. Filling out the checklist before contacting us helps speed up the evaluation process.

Backed By A Proven Track Record of Success

Over 12,500 MHP Buyers and Counting

We have generated thousands of free MHC/RV evaluations and helped hundreds of owners get their maximum value by utilizing our extensive network of out of state, 1031-exchange, park buyers.

Nationwide Sales

Interested in purchasing an investment out of state? Glenn and his team can help you find better deals, secure the best possible financing, underwrite according to your criteria, and negotiate on your behalf to save you money.

Thousands of Lots a Year

The Esterson MHC Team averages a closing nearly every week and typically has more than 40 park listings at a time. We have sold assets in 22 states, and our team continues to expand its reach across the U.S.A. There is no team more qualified to handle your MHC/RV investment.

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See how a few simple steps can boost your MHP valuation by 8-13%!