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Glenn Esterson and the highly motivated professionals at Esterson MHC Team of Marcus and Millichap specialize in connecting manufactured housing community or RV Park (MHC/RV) sellers to qualified buyers. Get in on the ground floor by signing up for our exclusively-listed and private email list. 

As the premier real estate investment company in the US, Marcus and Millichap maximizes your profit with careful due diligence and strategic planing. Whether you’re selling or buying a property, you can trust us to raise your evaluation, broker your deal, and help you with the nitty-gritty of your investment.

Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary Property Valuation

Curious about how your MHC/RV stacks up in today’s market? We have provided 1000’s of complimentary community evaluations exceeding $3 Billion in park valuations, just since Jan 2020! We help park owners and would be buyers determine and maximize the community’s value. All with a no-nonsense approach. Reach out today!
Property Solutions

Consultation and Advertising

If your park evaluation isn’t measuring up to your expectations, then we can advise you on ways to improve it. We offer data-driven advisory services that include rent comps, sales comps, SWOT analysis, upside plans, and more! Plus, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in all things MHC/RV! Stop waiting and start getting more. 

Experienced Brokerage

No-one generates more evaluations or outsells us. With a nationwide database of parks and buyers, we consistently outperform other brokers.

Careful Planning, Strong Success Record 

We understand every part of the MHC/RV industry. It’s our mission to set a gold standard for customer satisfaction, including helping you get the highest valuation for your property. 

No Pressure Relationships

We don’t strongarm you into making purchases that don’t make sense. Rather our team presents all relevant information in a measured and realistic way, and we don’t pressure you into big decisions. 

Unparalleled Unparalleled Unparalleled Industry Leadership in MHP Real Estate

Over 12,500 MHP Buyers and Counting

We have generated tens of thousands of free MHC/RV evaluations and helped hundreds of owners get their maximum value by utilizing our extensive network of out of state 1031 park buyers.

Nationwide Sales

Interested in purchasing an investment out of state? Glenn and his team can help you find better deals, secure the best possible financing, underwrite according to your criteria and negotiate on your behalf to save you money. 

Thousands Of Lots A Year

The Esterson MHC Team has been brokering manufactured communities for 20+ years. Historically, they’ve averaged a closing nearly every week. There simply is no team more qualified to handle your MHC/RV investment.

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

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